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Why is it that top CEO's, Celebrities, and Athletes all have coaches of some kind? 

When pushed beyond normal boundaries, these individuals know that they can only see as far as their eyes will let them. When we want to learn something new or unknown, we have a natural tendency to seek out others who have already had that experience or life lesson. Without the help of others, humanity would have turned to ashes. You are the sum of the top 5 people you surround yourself with - now's the time to add one of our coaches to that list!

Our Life Coaches are certified to assist in these (& many more!) aspects of life:

Career or Financial Security
Changing paths? Scared of the future? Feel like you are constantly chasing money and getting nowhere? Don't let self doubt or fear keep you from pursuing the life you deserve. Lets shake things up and figure out 
what you really want.
Inner or Spiritual Well Being
Finding what exactly our soul is seeking can be difficult when surrounded by distractions. Whether we are seeking affirmation with a deity or within ourselves - we can provide whatever divination or internal guidance you need to be able to give your spirit and soul the peace of clarity it's been searching for.
Social, Family, or Romantic Relationships
Struggling with a significant other? Wish you could meet the love of your life? During your journey with us you'll learn to speak with intent, truth, and conviction. We are certified to help you build connections, learn communication skills, and grow your circle.
Self Fulfillment or Lacking Purpose
When we feel like we aren't enough - or when we feel like our life is going nowhere, it can be hard to even want to get out of bed in the morning and not knowing or having ambitions can be outright depressing. Our Certified team of experts are guaranteed to help you grow and find what you are truly wanting from life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Life Coach For Me?

Are you ready and willing to change? In our experience, those who are open and receptive to change are our biggest success stories. Our Life Coaches have years of experience helping people, just like you, who are struggling in an area of their life. The difference between success and failure is your commitment to yourself.

I Didn't See Prices

All of our sessions are a one time up front fee per session as well as group rates, depending on the circumstance.  We offer payment plan options and honestly don't like to turn somebody down if they are really needing help - so we work with each client on a case by case basis.

Will I Really See Results?

In all of our years of experience, the only time we've had individuals who failed to meet their expectations were because they gave up on themselves. Change can be difficult, but you aren't doing it alone - our team of dedicated Life Coaches are willing to walk with you every step of the way, even when it's difficult.

I Live Far Away, Can I Still Get Help?

Absolutely! We work with clients around the world, in all walks of life. We offer in person sessions as well as remote sessions either through the phone or utilizing video chat technology (like Skype or Zoom).

I Think I'm Ready, What Now?

The hardest part is making the commitment to yourself. Once that happens, just book a Free Coaching Call with one of our certified Life Coaches. You have nothing to lose!

Success Stories

  • Aimee Bruce

    "Before working with The World Needs You Now, I struggled with hesitation on opportunities to do amazing things, but now I'm doing them! I would totally recommend them...they get you back on track to being the better you."

  • Enver Siddiky

    "The World Needs You Now taught me that even though I had certain circumstances happen in my life, the cause and effect was from the choices I made and I could make new choices to get the result I actually want."

  • Chelsey K.

    "When I met with The World Needs You Now, I made more progress in a few hours than I had in 10 years of seeing therapists or counselors. It really felt like they genuinely cared...I would highly recommend them."

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