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Top CEO's, Celebrities, and Athletes all have coaches of some kind because these individuals know that they can only see as far as their eyes will let them.

When we all are pushed beyond normal boundaries, when we want to learn something new, or dive into the unknown, we all have a natural tendency to seek out others who have already had that experience or life lesson. 

Don't you always look for help when you need it? Without the help of others, humanity would have turned to ashes because connection is a basic human necessity.

We get it, it can be scary taking the first step, and how can you know for certain if this is right? Will a single meeting with us really, really help?

Can we just ask you something?

What would happen if you didn't meet with us?

Now, what would happen if you did?

How amazing would you feel when you see yourself where you've always wanted to be? 

Imagine that having the right help would get you there, because we are right here.

That's right.

We are certified to assist in these (& many more!) aspects of life:

Career or Financial Security
Changing paths? Scared of the future? Feel like you are constantly chasing money and getting nowhere? Is self doubt or fear keeping you from pursuing the life you deserve? Let's shake things up and figure out 
what you really want.
Inner Well Being
Find out what exactly is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams. Feeling anxious or depressed? Do you feel disconnected? Let's work together because you'll walk out feeling incredible.
Social, Family, or Romantic Relationships
Struggling with a significant other? Wish you could meet the love of your life? With our help, you'll build connections, learn communication skills, and grow your circle. You'll finally take charge of your relationships because we'll show you how easy it is.
Self Fulfillment or Lacking Purpose
Do you feel like you aren't enough - or do you feel like your life is going nowhere? It can be hard to even want to get out of bed in the morning and not knowing or having ambitions can be outright depressing, but we can help you grow and find what you are truly wanting from life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, So How Does It Work?

You'll begin to notice that our meetings are unlike traditional Life Coaching. There is no month to month plan, there are no packages. You schedule time with us that are in 2 hour or 4 hour blocks, and you book us when you need us! Your results are immediate and day of - because we combine Neuro-Linguistics Programmming, Principles of Hypnosis, and Life Coaching methods into each session. At the end of each meeting, you'll leave with the mental and emotional tools you need for this next chapter in your life.

How Much Does It Cost?

All of our sessions are a one time up front fee per session.

A 2 Hour block is $150.

We offer Group meetings as well (call for a quote!)

Will I Really See Results?

Absolutely! We guarantee our work! We guarantee that you will feel incredible after each session, with a solid answer to your situation that YOU get to decide on or your money back

I Live Far Away, Can I Still Get Help?

Absolutely! We work with clients around the world, in all walks of life. We offer in person sessions as well as remote sessions either through the phone or utilizing video chat technology (like Skype or Zoom).

I Think I'm Ready, What Now?

It's Super Easy, just book a First Time Meeting with us! Click here!

Success Stories

  • Aimee Bruce

    "Before working with The World Needs You Now, I struggled with hesitation on opportunities to do amazing things, but now I'm doing them! I would totally recommend them...they get you back on track to being the better you."

  • Enver Siddiky

    "The World Needs You Now taught me that even though I had certain circumstances happen in my life, the cause and effect was from the choices I made and I could make new choices to get the result I actually want."

  • Chelsey K.

    "When I met with The World Needs You Now, I made more progress in a few hours than I had in 10 years of seeing therapists or counselors. It really felt like they genuinely cared...I would highly recommend them."

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