We Can't Fill From An Empty Cup

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While being in Virginia, I've learned more about my life than I have about myself in the past 33 years of my existence. 


I've learned the heartache of loss; the feeling of excitement over success; the nurturing comfort of friendship; I've learned new skills; I've learned to self manage and to be ok in my solitude.


I've gained wisdom with being in the present moment and have learned to find the blessings in all things that happen - regardless if they are viewed in this world as good or bad.


I've had the misfortune of learning harsh lessons; and the absolute fortune of learning from those same harsh lessons. 


I've gained the courage to continue on and the ability to inspire others around me and provide them a platform of unconditional love and respect so they may become vulnerable and share their very essence with me. 


At the end of the day though - I am human


We all are. 


Each of us struggle with different types of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, situations, circumstances, and people.


But the one thing none of that can take away from us is our character.


Who you were years ago, months ago, weeks ago, yesterday - is not the person you have to be today.


By looking inward, loving yourself and the miraculous being you are, forgiving yourself for those whom you've trespassed, and removing judgments of yourself from the outside world, can you find clarity in all things.


Nothing on the outside of your world can diminish the value of your character.


The only person who can do so is YOU


By giving yourself standards and boundaries you can hold yourself accountable to the highest framework of who you are as a person. 


Your character is defined by those standards and boundaries you set. 


Let go of your past judgments - harsh critiques - and unfair biases that you hold against yourself.


Know fully that you are love. You are an incredible being who just wants to be accepted, loved, and free of burden.


The world is already hard enough - don't make it worse by treating yourself poorly.


If you require it - I give you permission - right now - in this very moment - to love who you are, love the space you keep within you, and love the person you are aspiring to become. 


Love yourself - be kind to yourself - reward yourself - take care of yourself; because the only way you can love another is by loving yourself.


The more you love yourself 
the more your soul 
will be able 
to love 


"We cannot serve from an empty vessel."
- Eleanor Brown


With Love,


The World Needs You Now

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