This ONE Technique will give you INSTANT relief

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So you want to feel some relief from a headache, unwanted feelings, emotional discourse, or stress?


Of course you do!


This technique is handed down from Chinese Medical Theory, acupressure, and acupuncture.


It’s called “EFT” or the “Emotional Freedom Technique” and I use this with my clients quite often as a means of creating rapid and immediate emotional and mental shifts.


Ready to see how it works?


Check out this graphic created by our friend Ashley May of DrMe VIP.


Follow the chart and tap each location shown for 15 - 30 seconds on your non-dominant side, repeating the words provided.



6 Step Tapping Protocol:


  1. Tap the very top of your head in the center and repeat the phrase, “I’m feeling…” and then state how you are feeling.

  2. Tap the very center of your forehead where your “third eye” is and repeat the phrase, “It’s Ok to Let It Go”

  3. Tap on the side of your head, on your temple and repeat the phrase, “It’s safe to let it go..”

  4. Tap right below your eye and repeat the phrase, “Let that feeling go…”

  5. Tap on your collar bone (where the circle is in the image below) and repeat the phrase, “Just let it go..”

  6. Squeeze each wrist, breath deep in and out, and repeat the phrase, “Peace” with each wrist squeeze.


That's it! Repeat this as often as necessary until the emotion, feeling, stress, or headache goes away!


Tell us how well it worked for you!


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