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The beginning of my path...

Written by Mr. September / 14.10.2019 / Views

Hi! I’m Timothy September! 

It started in my late adulthood - my friends would sit down next to me and talk to me about some of their heaviest secrets and I would often ask them difficult questions about their experiences; both because I was genuinely curious about the nature of their lives but also because - for whatever reason - I was compelled by something greater than myself to ask them.


More often than not, I feel like they subconsciously confided in me due to the massive amount of life experience that I had undergone. Unable to personally deal with the trauma themselves, they would vehemently dump everything about their current situation, past troubles, and them sit there waiting for me to somehow give them the very answer they were seeking.

When I started,  I would do my best to provide advice and try to give them wisdom that I wasn't entirely confident in sharing or giving. 

I quickly found out: Just listening to somebody to give them advice doesn’t make a good Life Coach.


It was only when I let go of what I thought they needed to hear and instead, asked them questions that "planted the seed" of self awareness, so to speak, that I then began to get incredible results.

What does that mean, exactly? 

Also - what the hell is a Life Coach?

In a nutshell, I'm not your average human. I don’t sit you down in a room and have you tell me your life story - give you some advice and kick you out the door as I collect my paycheck.

Being a life coach is about having a real, serious, authentic conversation.


To put it another way: I’ll call you on your bullshit.


But, I'll also help you achieve your goals, celebrate your wins, hold you accountable to your convictions, and give you the tools you need to take back control over your fucking life.


Ok - that's all fine and dandy, but where does the lack of advice come in?

Let me put it this way - I don’t know you. I don’t know your back story, experiences, baggage, situation, circumstances, past, future, where you want to go, who you use to be, etc.

When I see you - I see a person. A human who is doing their very best with whatever hand they have been given and are now at a point where they don’t know whether to put all their chips on the table or whether to fold.

The truth of the matter is - each of us already KNOW what we want. We do it all the time. We know from a combination of our own life experiences, wants, needs, and desires the very things in our reality that will make us smile, cry, laugh, become upset, fulfill us to our very core, or make us the most miserable we’ve ever been.

Seriously - right now - for 5 minutes - take your past 3 weeks under a microscrope.

Did you do the things you wanted to do? See the people you wanted to see? Live the very life you wanted to live within those 3 weeks?

If not, what's holding you back from that reality?

How long will you keep running the same damn mouse wheel until you've reached your, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"?


When things get difficult – and the obstacles and challenges become painful; do you want to be all alone?

I've been through that misery already – don't make the same mistake I did.


So you have two choices:

You can either keep doing exactly what you are doing right now – and hope that maybe one day things will flip around and the change you've been seeking will eventually come by.


You can bypass years of pain and difficulties by contacting somebody who's been down that road already and can help navigate you through the rough patches.


Scheduling an appointment with us is easy.


You have absolutely nothing to lose - imagine how much you could gain from this instead.


We can talk specifically about what's going on in your current life and how we can best tackle the obstacle, together.




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