Meditation is Magic, Right?

Written by Marissa Squillace / 10.06.2020 / Views


Let’s start with the facts:


Meditation has proven to be one of the most effective tools for those who may suffer from high levels of neuroticism and stress.  There’s hundreds of different uses for meditation and it can be done anywhere.  On a train, in your car (keep your eyes open if you’re driving though), on your bed, in your office.  I mean ANYWHERE.


Some people use it to relieve stress, while others use it to simply have a moment of peace to themselves.  It is said to increase self awareness, focus, and the ability to stay in the present moment.  Personally, meditation is part of my daily morning routine.  I use it as a tool to start my day with positive intentions.  It’s such a simple way to be able to reset before I begin the morning.


In my work with different individuals I have found that once they get started implementing meditation in their daily lives, they don’t want to stop.  It’s just that great for your body, mind, and heart.  Opening up the body, mind connection allows for better control of stressful, anxiety provoking situations.

So how do you begin?


Let’s figure out if you take breaths from your chest or from your belly.  Usually when you’re a chest breather, you take short, quick breaths.  When you breathe from your belly, however, you are able to take in much more air and you’re tapping into the deeper part of your lungs.  By taking in more air, you’re able to control your breathing and relax your mind.


Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

You can begin to breathe deeper by linking your hands together and placing them in the back of your head.  This will allow for you to sit up straight and allow airflow.  Do this for a couple of minutes each day to practice getting used to this and you’ll be well on your way to a little slice of heaven.


Once you’ve established a deep breathing rhythm, you won't need to link your hands anymore and you'll notice you naturally breathe deep.


Now, let's find a comfortable place to sit - either cross legged or on a chair that allows back support.


The hardest part has already been accomplished with meditating, which is just showing up to practice!


Now that you are comfortable and breathing deep - close your eyes and give yourself this time that you’ve committed. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, you are practicing the ability to control your stress and emotions.


Thoughts may arise and that’s perfectly fine!


Can you allow the thoughts to come and go without judgement? Are you able to pull your attention back to focusing on your breathing?


Imagine the thoughts leaving your mind like a cloud drifting off into the distance or a balloon you let go.


You may notice that once one thought leaves another will follow, and yet you’ll find it easier and easier to let them go with practice.


I promise, the more you practice, the better you’ll ultimately feel.


So get comfortable, settle in, and just breathe at the perfect rate for you.


The World Needs YOU Now.




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