I affirm that this sh*t REALLY works!

Written by Marissa Squillace / 30.11.2019 / Views

What’s an affirmation?

“The action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.”


Okay, why is google using the word in the definition. 
Didn’t we learn that we aren’t “supposed” to do that?


Well anyway, the second definition is “emotional support or encouragement.” 


Okay, cool. 


So now that we got that out of the way let’s ask the why?


Affirmations are meant to be used as a tool.


These aren’t used as a, "let me just say them because I was told to say them by my yoga teacher, life coach, or therapist.


Say something YOU truly believe and something that is personal to you. 


This doesn’t have to be what the next person wants you to do or say.


My affirmation lately has been “I choose to be present.” 


I have a habit of constantly thinking in the future. 


One of those “well if I do this, then this might happen.” Living in the “what if.”


If you’re anything like me, it drives you nuts when things don’t go as planned - it’s difficult to re-adjust. 


Something I’ve been implementing is remembering I am here right now, and I can’t change what is going to happen. 


When I find myself worrying about “I have so many things to do,” I start to remind myself “I choose to be present.” 


Me worrying about the 100 things I must do isn’t going to help me right now. 


I found myself not enjoying workouts because all I could think about was leaving the gym and what I was going to do after.


Affirmations can be a useful tool to assist in breaking the habits you don’t need anymore.


For example, if you have a habit of looking through Instagram at fitness models and beating yourself over the way you look compared to them, you could say:


“I will not compare myself to fitness models on Instagram.” 


Seems so simple right? 


The more you do it(reap), the more you will start to refocus your thoughts.(sow)


It’s science!!! 


Need evidence? 

Check out this article


Try it out with even the worst of habits! 


I dare you.


The World Needs You Now



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