Damnit, do I REALLY have to write it down?

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We often come up with every excuse under the sun to not do something our little heart desires...but what if there was an easier way of being able to handle the constant battering of self-induced bullshit that goes on in our minds?


We've all heard the idea that keeping a journal is an incredible way of understanding ourselves and helping cope with our emotional state, but what specifically is involved in keeping a journal? 


Do I need to go buy a super fancy notebook?

Does it need to have a specific purpose?

What exactly do I need to do to get rid of these thoughts?


To make a long story short: No, No, and we'll get to that.


So lets answer the question: "What is this going to do for me?"


Writing down our thoughts can be an incredible tool that will allow us to bypass the filter in our mind when it comes to understanding ourselves and trying to get to what we truly want and desire.


This statement is very true, especially when we apply a specific type of writing that will allow us to start getting past the excuses and onto the truth.


Have you noticed it is a lot easier to say what is on your mind when you send a text instead of speaking it out loud?


Sometimes we'll even write an entire paragraph to somebody, only to reread it and realize that if we hit the "Enter" key that they might get offended or upset at what we said to them.


We do this with ourselves as well.


We will tell ourselves what we really want - like - "I really want to paint!" - but then we will follow it up with a reason not to do it - like: 

"But nobody will like it…"
"But I'll never »e able to make money doing it…"
"But my parents said my painting looks stupid.."


The spiral continues all the way until we hit rock bottom. "Now what?" 


Let me ask you a question.


Who's telling you those things? 


When you tell yourself you really want to do something and then every excuse starts to pop-up, who's the one tell you the excuse?


It's YOU. 


So what does this have to do with keeping a journal?


When we write down our thoughts and keep a log of it, we can begin to start questioning why we aren't doing the things we want to do and see with physical evidence how we truly honestly feel.


Janet Conner has an amazing book called, "Writing Down Your Soul" which utilizes an incredible writing technique that enables you to bypass the mental excuse filter and get right down to the nitty gritty of who you are and want to be.


So how does this work?


First - grab yourself whatever type of paper and pen/pencil that you decided on and begin to write.


Next - as you write, keep going. Let it naturally flow out. It might not make sense at first but keep going. It can even be a negative or happy thought. It can even be something like: "Ok, so I'm suppose to be writing about what I really want to do, but this stupid exercise is getting me f*cking nowhere!"


Last - KEEP GOING. Keep writing and don't stop until you honestly feel like you are done.


At first you may not make sense of it or feel like you are wasting your time - but in my experience - that's just another damn excuse you are giving yourself.


No matter how many thoughts you have in your mind - the only way you will be able to combat them is with evidence.


BINGO - Evidence.


What does keeping a journal do?


It gives you evidence both of what you want and truly desire but it also gives you physical evidence of the negative shit you say to yourself as well.


Start fact checking who the hell you are. Read your journal - ask yourself "Why do I feel this way?" "Who's saying that?" "Do I feel this way or does somebody else and I'm just using that as an excuse?"


You may start finding that most of your excuses that are keeping you from doing the thing you want to do most are self induced and you have physical evidence to prove it.


Just saying.


With love.


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