A moment of your time...please...your success depends on it!

Written by Mr. September / 04.09.2019 / Views

What exactly is success?


Yeah yeah - there are a million blog posts already about this damn word.


I know, I know - but they aren't MY words or MY blog post - you gotta trust me here.

Success is completely different depending on who the person is.


Somebody might consider success a million dollars (so cliche', right?).


Somebody else might consider success having a loving family (again, cliche' right?)


But honestly - 

Most of us feel like we will never get to experience success until we are sitting in a rocking chair or laying on our death bed watching our life flash before our eyes.


Yes - most of us go through our every day lives living somewhere in the past in our glory days or thinking about the future and going "yeah I'll get to feel success when THAT happens." 

I know I personally use to be this way.

I would sit around and only think about all of the things in my past that I should have either appreciated more or I would look into the future and dream big but always placing my future self  in a position of "always wanting more" because if I ever reached a goal that I set for my future, I was already too busy looking toward the next future for success.

I know a lot of business owners who currently do this as well. They feel they don't ever have the time to celebrate their wins - they keep going and going and going, always thinking that when they FINALLY land that big contract, or they FINALLY sell the company for multi-millions, or if they can ONLY get that next dollar...only THEN will they feel successful.

I'm sorry to tell you friends - that is not at all how you achieve success.

That is, in fact, the very last thing you will feel.

I've spend several years of my life pursuing that. At this very moment - I could be pursuing that same thing by writing this blog post and hoping it gets millions of views! Or maybe it'll go viral, and Oprah will come let me visit! (I'm coming for you Oprah!) 

I could never appreciate just how far I've gotten already - from where I originally started - if I was always hoping for the next big thing.

Dreaming big is fantastic.


We need visionaries like you - who are able to put themselves on the line and work heavy, or work long hours into the night - all in all only to make sure that the next blog post goes out, or the final dollar is counted, or that we were working on that business plan for the business idea we had 7 years ago but never pursued.

Whatever the case may be - Once you are done with that next thing. 



Take just a moment



Look at how far you've come..

You are fucking legendary!

You are moving toward your goal!

I'm so damn proud of you!


Just for this last second.

Look at all this hard work you've done.

There you go.

Great job.

My friend

THAT is how you become successful.

By taking a second - a moment - a sliver of time - a bit - just a fraction of a grain of sand worth of your memory space; you are allowing gratitude to finally catch up to you.

You are allowing yourself the moment you've been waiting for to arrive.

Literally - it's right here in front of you.

I'm dead serious. Look around you.

Look how far you've come from 5 years ago.

2 years ago.

1 year ago.

Hell - look at how much you've accomplished within just the last 3 months!

Even if you are thinking to yourself right now, "yeah but all I did was get up out of bed this morning! I'm so depressed.."

I challenge you to follow that ish up with the reason you are depressed and then flip it.

Seriously..if it's something like, "I lost my job 4 months ago and now I can't find another"


"This thing happened to me 2 years ago and.."


"I lost the love of my life because..."

Whatever the case may be - take this moment and tell yourself ONE THING you learned that has helped you survive up until now.

Do your best to not be pessimistic.

Don't say, "I learn not to trust anybody ever again!"

Instead, flip that shit!

"I learned that even if I have a broken heart - I've still survived this entire time without them in my life and look at how far I've come!"


"I learned that even though I had that one job - I'm still surviving because I've been able to make ends meet and I have people around me who care about me enough to help support me..."


This is about YOU.

This is about YOUR LIFE.

In this very moment - ask yourself,

"What is ONE THING that I've done better today than yesterday?"

Great job!

I'm proud of you!

Now go out there and kick some ass - YOU!


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