Hi! I'm Marissa!


Have you ever had that feeling of "this doesn't feel right?" or "maybe I'm not cut out for this?"  

I know what it's like to see your life around you moving and feel like you're completely stopped.  The back and forth in your head asking yourself, "is it just me?" 

Yep.  I've been there and guess what, it's not just you.  

Hopelessness and confusion were everyday reoccurring feelings.  My gut was telling me I needed a change, but the good ole' mind was telling me to just keep pushing through because this is what I "have" to do.  

Go to college, find a good job, and stay in it for the rest of your life...

..At least..that's what we're told, right?? 

Nobody really tells you that it's okay to want something different, it's okay to lead your own path, and most importantly if this doesn't align with you, it's OKAY!  

It took me an enormous amount of courage to finally say I was done in the hotel industry where I called home for the last 10 years, and move into an entirely new mind set.   

Which brings me here with you, today.

I am a graduate student at Antioch University pursuing my masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.  


Because I wholeheartedly believe that the stigma surrounding mental health needs to change.  I also believe that above all YOU have the power to change anything you desire.

By allowing you the space, time, and freedom to speak your mind, you are one step closer to a brand new you!  

That sounds amazing, right? 

Let's grow together.

With positive intentions,