GROUP Online Life Coaching Session

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Brand: TWNYN

Find success TODAY. Join a group of like minded individuals online who are ready to empower themselves and upgrade their lives! Our Executive Level Life Coaching is meant to elevate you beyond your current situation and into who you are really meant to be.

This Package Includes:

  • A 60 minute Group online video life coaching and empowerment session.
    • Group Sessions will be conducted online via a video stream with participation being highly encouraged.
    • Topics can include: Career, Finances, Relationships, Love, Health, Inner Wellness, Spiritual Guidance
    • Join a community of like minded individuals who are all ready to upgrade their lives
    • Sessions can be recorded for post session listening
    • Email availability up to 48 hours after session for follow up Q & A
  • Specialized course material dedicated to the subject of the course:
    • Workbooks
    • Reading Selections
    • Goal Setting and Future Casting