Doesn't it just suck when we are sitting there, minding our own damn business and suddenly we get smacked in the face with some bullshit of a thought or emotion? 


It's like our brain decided to walk right the hell up to us and flip the table over that we were sitting at. Here we were, all comfortable and about to enjoy a 3-course meal when suddenly Mr. Bullshit-Thoughts comes strolling through and crashes our dinner plans with a middle finger predominantly extended in our general direction. 


When we have an emotion that begins to stir, we often don't really understand what it is, why it exists, or even where the hell it came from. Getting blindsided by sudden depression or feeling like Anxiety just Bruce Lee Kicked us right in our heads is one of the worst feelings and situations to be in.


I'm going to ask for us to do something right now. Can we sit here comfortably together for 5 minutes without distractions?


I want us to look inside of our bodies and try to "feel" our emotions or thoughts. I want us to do something called "Felt Sensing" as described by Dr. David I. Rome, Author of Your Body Knows The Answer: Using your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change, & Liberate Creativity


Let's take a moment together and try an exercise on "feeling." Whether we are standing or sitting - lets us relax into a position of ease by taking a few deep breathes. In this moment of deep breathing, let us try to "feel" the air move in and out of our lungs. If this has been successful then we've just established that we can move our attention and focus from inside of our minds instead to another place inside of our body


If this was a success - then lets continue with the actual exercise at hand. If not, then lets repeat the above until we have a firm grasp on it.


Good? Cool? Gravy? Beautiful. Good fuckin' job - lets move on.


If it's been decided that 5-minutes is enough to spare, then lets take the time together to answer this question: "How Am I Feeling, Right Now?"


Asking this question will usually create an emotion inside of our body - or a "feeling" that we will be able to move our attention and focus to. The same way that we shifted what we were "looking" at with our minds when we were finding our breath moving in and out of our lungs, we should be able to move our minds eye to the emotion.


Once this has been found then lets sit with the emotion for a minute. How does it feel? If we could describe how it feels, what words would we use? Let's go one level deeper. "How am I really feeling, right now?"


This now brings us to a new insight - we are allowing ourselves to be honest about how we are really feeling. 



Oh...Oh shit. There's the face! Honest?!


I know, right? Why the hell would we wanna do that?! 


My sweet, deariest dear, compadre - it would be an insult to our own intelligence if we all didn't agree that on some level, each of us are responsible for being dishonest with ourselves about our emotions and how we actually feel. This isn't a judgment towards anybody - but let's be serious for a moment. 


Hey, hey, hey - Trying to scroll away from this page?? I know, I know - it wasn't nice of me to throw a curve ball like that. 


This blog post started out all friendly and we were having a beautiful discussion about breathing deep, getting all "Woo-Sah'd" and centered - when suddenly Honest McTruthington comes running up like a 400lb defensive lineman who's happily ready to receive a flag on the play for "Roughing the absolute shit out of the passer."


Again, no judgments - in fact - I'm completely guilty of this as well. 


I'm human.


We end up getting caught up in this web of lying to ourselves to cover up what's really going on in our lives. 


We might be working at a job that we loath - or maybe it's a relationship that we seriously know is just going to fall through the cracks - or there might be a big project we want to do but we tell ourselves we aren't good enough to do it, so we never do.


In fact, I would have to say that I've spent a majority of my life being dishonest with myself about my emotions and how I really, truly felt. 


Wait until you see just exactly how dishonest I was with myself in the SECOND part!


See you at the next post!