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It begins within...

Each member of our team is trained in "The Art Of Now" - a revolutionary embodiment of eastern meets western thinking and actions - combining the masterful works of ancient wisdom with the sophistication of our modern world.


By focusing our efforts first directly within ourselves - we've been able to encompass our passions and dreams into a sustainable and healthy culture that encourages growth that we then directly apply to our clients and those whom we work with.


Literally speaking, "Follow your heart and all good things will come."

...with the end in mind.


In 2014 an idea was born. How can we bring normal humans together who all have different skill sets but each have a common goal of changing the world? Finding inspiration in ancient texts and adapting those principles to our modern world, The World Needs You Now was created with one mission; help as many people as we can to find their calling and help them in whatever way that is. 


Knowing that everyone has a purpose and one person can't do everything - we gathered together the best of the best to help with almost any task. 

Combing the best aspects of Life Coaching and Business Consultation - we developed a system that can help individuals who want to build a new life or business owners who are just getting started or needing an extra set (or several extra sets) of eyes on the project.

Whether you need someone to help you figure out what you want, build your next business plan, develop a sales plan, or find true love, our team is capable of handling any task in individual lives or businesses.