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Proudly Serving: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, & the 757 since 2015. 

We provide online coaching sessions to all who seek change and growth no matter your location.

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By utilizing scientific methodology and applying ancient wisdom, you'll learn to unlock the ability of your mind to create, grow, and develop the life you truly want for yourself. 
Our 3 Stage system of Organic Growth was developed over years of experience and training that aids in stripping away layers of who you thought you were or what your business was - fully embracing the right path for prosperity. 


Success is absolutely guaranteed with our methods - because there is no gimmick,
It's honest, authentic, and you.

Who We Are

Trained In The Art of Now

We are more than a facility for growth. We are a team of individuals who have had to grow, learn, experience, and gain wisdom in the same way you have.


We are certified for both individuals and business professionals trying to get ahead in life.


Our team has thousands of hours working along side people just like YOU.

Over 100+ Satisfied Clients
Results Based Training and Mentorship
A Scientific Approach to 
Mind - Heart - Body
Life and Business Coach Certified

The Seed of Self-Awareness

Just like a seed underground - you'll learn to unlock the keys to your success by unearthing who you or what your business really is at its core.

The Art Of Organic Growth

We'll teach you to push through obstacles, great or small. Each day, you or your business will develop more into what you truly envision.

The Fruits of Fruition

By properly placing your attention on the key areas of your life or business, you will get to fully reap the benefits of what you sow.

Success Stories

  • Ginnie G.

    "I had the pleasure of inviting Mr. September to speak to my seventh graders at Horizons Hampton Roads, a nonprofit enrichment program for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds...My students, who are typically reserved when being given a presentation by someone they’ve not met before, opened up quite beautifully...My students wrote him a letter, and one student wrote stating in it: 'You made me really think about all the potentially amazing things I could do with my life. I felt good for the rest of my day and maybe I really can be the person I look up to.' "

  • Chelsey K.

    "When I met with Mr. September, I made more progress in a few hours than I had in 10 years of seeing therapists or counselors. It really felt like he genuinely cared...I would highly recommend him."


Our Certified Life Coaches are ready to help you achieve your next greatest vision!